the place

  • the place
  • the place - restaurant in the city Innopolis. Why is the place?
    Because this is the very place that unite in itself:
    - a cafe
    - a restaurant
    - coffeehouse
    - bakery
    And all this in one place - in the place.
  • Orange
    - By itself, a warm color, also represents the brand as a friendly,
    confident and at the same time without excessive severity, shall we say "easy to talk"

    - The marketing is considered that represents a call to action:
    come, buy, subscribe.
    - Well, if we consider the human chakra, orange is - sacred,
    it is associated with creativity and fun.
    - And such common characteristics as comfort, a little playfulness, determination.
  • Art direction and design: Radmir Völk 
    Project Type: Branding, Packaging

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