BOW WOW MEOW | Branding

  • BOW WOW MEOW | Branding
    A School Project for Academy of Art University

    For this project, I explored some of San Francisco's commercial neighborhoods and took photos of some of the hand-written signage. I discovered that there
    were many designs which could be developed, improved or expanded to produce a more appealing or effective look. I chose Bow Wow Meow’s handwritten signage and re-designed an entire visual system for the store including three deliverables; a poster series, a promotional booklet and a website.

    The original handwritten signage didn’t have much of a strong personality or distinctive quality. I created a friendly and attractive look by using happy and energetic images of pets. I also wanted to create a sense of fun, so I used bright, vivid colors such as blue, yellow and green.

  • This project was created as a part of the GR 618 Design Literacy class in the Graphic Design Graduate School of Academy of Art University. Some of the content of this work may contain images and resources from the Internet. The copyrights for those elements belong to the original authors. This project is only for academic purpose and not intended for noncommercial display.