Horse Latitude Up-Cycling Plan

  • Project: Horse Latitude - An Up-Cycling Plan
    Creative Fields: Branding, Web Design, Industrial Design

    Horse Latitude is an up-cycling project aiming at fan guards. With simple tools, the abandoned fan guards were transformed into stylish interior products: a modern lamp and an upscale display-stand. From product design and making, to web design and branding, we got our hands dirty, building the concept from nothing. The project aims at raising environmental awareness, and advocating the idea of reusing materials to make new crafts.

    Exhibition/ Displayed in Young Designers' Exhibition (YODEX, Taiwan)
    Personal Responsibilities/ Website Design / HTML&CSS Coding / Photography / Retouching / Product Design / Illustration
    Co-Designer/ Kun-Ru He
  • Horse Latitude is an up-cycling plan
  • Product 01
  • ​​​​​​​A lamp with vague guts that inherit the radial structure of fan guard, casts green beam resembling x-ray image to your surprise.

  • Product 02
    Display Stand
  • Another application—display stand, keeps the delicate bone of fan guard itself. Along with faux marble panel made of HDPE on the top, the display stand offers more possibility for your interior decoration.

  • Strategy Development & Design Process
  • We invite you to DIY & have fun!
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