Rebirth Records – Visual Identity

    Rebirth is a fictive Techno record label. A result of my BA thesis based on the techno subculture. 
    The name is inspired by the testimonials from people who have shared their experience of being ‘reborn’ through listening to techno music and attending raves, and other events.
    To keep the true values of the techno culture alive, the visual profile combines the experimentation of analogue and digital techniques to give birth to a unique expression, that borrows from the heritage, and expresses the future of techno music.
    Inspired by the repetitive beats, rhythm and the production technique for techno music, the design elements of Rebirth visual identity also reflect the same philosophy, where elements like shapes, patterns and photographs are used repetitively to visually communicate.
    For anyone interested in reading the thesis and the research process, can do so right here ➝
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Mentor: Sam Bannister & Yann Charles Bougaran
    Design & Art Direction: Umer Ahmed