Primer: Subscription Service for Creativity

  • With Primer, I sought to create a brand using this Subscription Service model centered around the creative process, especially as it relates to the professional world. But I what I learned is that the creative process isn’t as simple as learning steps one, two and three. It’s something built over time by surrounding oneself with the right people, tools and input/inspiration to strengthen the creative muscle. And thus, Primer was born:
    The people we professionally admire are more accessible than ever. Articles, books and social media give us new ways to look into their personal lives and perspectives. But when it comes to learning from these people, especially those in creative disciplines, it’s difficult to replicate how they do what they do with reading-material alone.
    We need guidance.
    We need to be challenged.
    We need hands-on experiences.
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  • Primer is an subscription service and online publication that features long-format interviews with creative professionals and puts the tools of their craft in your hands.

    Each month, we’ll feature creative professionals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines—talking about their life, work, influences and journey to where they are today. These will be people who challenge what it means to be creative and demonstrate that in their work. At the end of each interview, they will curate a package of products that lets users try doing things their way for a few weeks. They’ll also offer up a challenge on how to use them. For example, if I’m an visual artist whose daily journaling plays an important role in my work, my package might include a leather-bound journal and a challenge to journal every day for 30 days. Users will be prompted to share what they learn/do/make throughout the month, supplemented by supporting interviews, articles, and input from the featured professional as well as other users.

  • Primer allows users to form their own creative working styles without the need for a structured lesson plan which might pigeonhole potential creative growth. Combining unique insight with tactile experience sets up a framework for learning through meaningful connections, relationships and influences.

    Join the club to receive exclusive pricing on monthly curated packages. Members always have the choice to not receive or return a package. Members can also enroll in a subscription to receive new packages automatically each month. All packages are available for purchase at any time, even for non-members. Interviews and other written content is always available for free online. All packages include 1-5 curated products from the creative professional or challenge featured monthly. Members will also receive an exclusive printed version of the corresponding interview(s).