Neenah Presents Atlanta

  • Neenah Presents Atlanta
    Neenah Paper's Illustrated Timeline and Map of Atlanta for HOW Design Live 2016
    An illustrated history of the Empire State of the South
  • About Neenah Presents Atlanta: Following the New Orleans with Neenah illustrated maps for use at the 2015 AIGA Conference, Neenah Paper wanted to create another illustrated piece centered around the locale of the next conference they were sponsoring: HOW Design Live 2016 in Atlanta. This rolling fold, printed piece takes the reader through the past and present of the Big Peach. As each panel is opened, an immersive illustrated timeline of the history of the city is revealed, with the corresponding panel opposite the timeline detailing dates and events and featuring a map highlighting how that area has changed from then to today. The print piece was distributed to conference goers as a promotional piece.
    About The Design: The timeline and maps use 7"x5" panels on a rolling-fold so that the opening panels are able to correspond with the content of the timeline (for example: when the timeline shows the founding of the city of Decatur, the panel opposite this highlights "Decatur Today" in an illustrated map). The content of the timeline and maps were composed of my own research into the city's history, as well as drawn from my own experiences as an Atlanta resident.
  • Client: Neenah Paper
    Art Director, Designer, Illustrator: Russell Shaw
    Marketing Communications Manager: Sarah Baker (Neenah)
    Copywriters: Sarah Baker, Russell Shaw
    Printing Partner: Fey Printing (Special thanks to Scott Gasch and Paul Siekert)
    Printing Specifications: A 2/2 print on Neenah WILD® Cover WHITE 111C (300g/m2) | 27pt, Heavy Vellum | FSC® Certified