Astral Gates Mystical Prediction Tarot Cards

  • My senior project from Spring 2016 semester at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

    Design and create a set of major arcana tarot cards, packaging and literature that attract experienced and beginner tarot readers of all ages. As niche hobbies and alternative means of entertainment become more popular, a market for specialty designed and developed card games has expanded to a wider demographic. By taking an age-old concept and applying modern takes on design and illustration, a new approach and refreshed outlook can be applied to the art of tarot. The arcana tarot card set will contain 22 individually illustrated cards describing each of the standard tarot signs/symbols, a book featuring the illustration and meaning behind each card, and a pamphlet which users may reference for different types of spreads and their meanings. All elements will fit into a specialty box for storage.
  • A Few of the Cards:
  • Card Inserts describing different spreads:
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  • Thank You For Your Support.