People Magazine Red Carpet

  • People Magazine Red Carpet
    Responsive Web site UI/UX
  • Areas:  Visual UI Design, UX Design
    Needs:  When it comes to red carpet events like the Golden Globes and the Oscars, is a market leader for day-after content like photo galleries and gossip round-ups. However, the site is far less competitive on the actual days of these events and the days preceding them. My team was asked to suggest ways to better promote's content before and during red carpet events with a special focus on integrating more video and fashion content.
    Solution:  We agreed on three main tactics to improve event performance:  driving interest by using celebrity hosts, improving device support, and giving the event's earlier stages a more distinctive presence. First, to generate interest in pre-event and day-of-event videos and articles, we proposed asking one celebrity to host red carpet video and another to curate our social media stories. Each would be teased by a video series on their red carpet preparations and articles on the pre-show event pages. Second, we proposed better mobile support as the single most important way to reach day-of-event readers:  after all, viewing party attendees usually only carry their phones...and home viewers are unlikely to view both a television and another large-screen device simultaneously. Third, we proposed making each page template a stream of re-usable modules that could be re-ordered to serve whichever content was most timely:  video for the red carpet walk-up; full-page slideshows for the pre-show lull; and social media commentary for the event itself. Our resulting concepts gave a new definition to all stages of a red carpet event:  the event countdown, afternoon build-up, red carpet arrivals, pre-show, event coverage, and post-show.
  • Enter laughing: The day-of-event action is teased with a full-screen curtain on all site pages that drives readers to the event content.
  • Moving pictures:  A brief but dramatic video loop on the red carpet curtain lures readers to dive into the live video stream.
  • In the pocket:  A well-thought mobile site keeps the site vital even as readers are viewing the event on television.
  • The stages of man:  These high-fidelity wireframes of the event countdown, red carpet arrivals, and post-show states demonstrate both the variety of modules needed to serve each part of a red carpet event and the way some modules can be re-used.
  • I'm with the band:  The post-show wrap-up engages by telling the whole story of the event:  from a content band featuring best-of slideshows all the way back to a band of videos showing the red carpet host's preparations...which, of course, also appeared in the event countdown template.
  • Scalable design:  To keep the modular layout from becoming too boxy, I designed a series of teaser modules in unconventional formats like this dress ranking system.
  • Stacked deck: Other unconventional modules included this "picture shelf" that focused on the night's images from social media.