Beer Buzz logo for c/o HOPS magazine


    THE CORE Create a sub-brand logo for the Swedish magazine c/o HOPS ( In short c/o HOPS is a magazine focusing on craft beer, food, DIY and beer around the world and etc. 
    BEER BUZZ The sub-brand Beer Buzz is supposed to work both in the magazine, as a section/vignette, but also outside the magazine in different environmens. For example, the Beer Buzz will be used for real-life events where beer-interested people get together an talk abut what is hot in the beer world right now. 
    KEY FACTORS The logo needs to work under the c/o HOPS brand. The should be dynamic and filled with energy, prefarably with soft friendly curves. The initial B should be unique and distinctful so that it could be used for itself, for example as a icon on social media platforms. The lettering should be on one row. The logo also needs to work well in both small and large sizes. 
    USAGE The logo will be used in the c/o HOPS magazine, on websites, in social media, events, invitations, etc.

    / SOLUTION /
    FRIENDLY, DYNAMIC AND BOLD I had a good idea of the lettering style right from the beginning. Then it was just to sketch over and over until I found the right composition, dynamics and thickness of the letters. The overall look is big, bold and inviting. 
    B ALL BY ITSELF The two B's where one of the most important factors of this logo. The solution is a unsual letter that has lots of character and works well even on its own. 
    EASY TO USE The lettering logo is bold and has simple forms in order to make it powerful, inviting and easy-to-use in different environments and sizes.  
  • Above. Sketching for a good B. 
  • Above. Inspiration for the project, gathered by me and Johan Holm, founder of c/o HOPS. 
  • Above. Sketches, sketches and more sketches.
  • Above. Refined options. 
  • Above. Vectorized sketches. 
  • Above. Finalizing the logo in Adobe Illustrator.  

  • Above. The final logo, regular version.  
  • Above. Final logo, texture version. 

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