Visual identity and logo for Eve Stockholm


    THE CORE Design a logo and visual identity for Eve Stockholm. The company will sell unique hand-picked products related to fashion and accessories. The products will be sold through a online shop. The founder Eva was born & raised in Sweden, but now lives in Paris. 
    CUSTOMERS & COMPETITION Primary customers are women in the age of 25-45 years old. They want to have a unique style and are willing to put in the time and money to find things they can not find in their hometown. Many of them follow fashion blogs and are engaged and passionate about fashion and design. Eve Stockholm will reach their customers trough social media and by word-of-mouth. Some of the competitors are MadLady, WestWing, Easy and Sundance Catalogue.
    THE BRAND Eve Stockholm is all about modern things for the modern woman. Key words are: design, scandinavian look, less is more, quality, classic, feel good, urban chic, functional & smart, unique, individualism, curiosity, lifestyle, joy of life, metropolitan and cosmopolitan living.
    USAGE The logo will be used on website, in social media, business cards, packaging, etc.

    / SOLUTION /
    SCANDINAVIAN ROMANCE MEETS URBAN CHIC The use of low-case letters give the logo a feminine and romantic feeling in a subtle way. The symbol is clean and simple. Together they create a logotype that feels modern, urban, clean, cool and scandinavian with a french touch. The light purple lilac tone enhance the cool, self-confident and feminime feeling. The imagery enhances the urban style. 
    FITS IN BUT STANDS OUT One of the hardest things with this logo project (as to most logo projects) has been creating something that puts the logo in the right industry, i.e. fashion, but at the same time sets it apart from competitors.
    THE LAND OF EVE The idea of the symbol came from Eva´s origin as Swede, but with history in the US and now France. Her history has created a mixed unique style that is the core of the company. So I stripped down the letters e,v and e to their purest form and created a sort of flag for the land of Eve. 
    EASY TO USE I have deliberately made the symbol of the logotype simple in its form. This ensures that the identity is easy to use, versatile and dynamic. The symbol can be used as it is, or filled with images or it can be used as a pattern. 
  • Above. Mindmapping after initial research. 
  • Above. Sketch phase is always kind of chaotic. Just trying out all sorts of ideas that comes to mind. 
  • Above. Refined chosen directions for the logo symbol.
  • Above. Refined complete logo sketch. 

  • Above. Adjusting the curves of the lettering for Eve Stockholm in Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Above. Final logo, regular version. 
  • Above. Final logo, inverted version.  

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