Richard Linklater Film Festival

  • Born: July 30, 1960 in Houston, Texas, USA
    Self-taught writer-director Richard Stuart Linklater was born in Houston, Texas. Usually he Tells a story happened within 24 hours, a close look at twentysomething culture in the college town of Austin, Texas. Mostly he put unconnected glimpses into the dropout subculture, touching base with a variety of musicians, students, street people and general eccentrics. Richard was among the first and most successful talents to emerge during the American independent film renaissance of the 1990s. 
    Time is a relentless force that hunts us down and reshapes us no matter how hard we resist it. We better stand up and do something before time gets wasted and devours us. 
    Important films: 
    Before Midnight(2013)
    Fast Food Nation(2006)
    Before Sunset(2004)
    Before Sunrise(1995)
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