I let go.

  • I let go.
    site, video, and sound installation

    My graduate thesis was an installation room integrating text, space,structure, sound, and video. The inspiration for the room was the imageof a tandem-rotor helicopter (a military vehicle) above a city (acivilian area): a scene both fascinating and frightening. Thehelicopter was chosen for its powerful, engaging sound, and because itis a system reliant upon opposing forces: helicopters require at leasttwo rotors because with only one, the cabin would constantly rotate.

    I likened the system to the human struggles against and compulsions forfreedom and convention/rules. Thus the installation utilized dualitiesand the grayness between them: the clearly delineated lines of the roomvs. the outside space, two panels with two vantage points yet mirroredinteriors, two spinning rotors, circling vs. moving between the panels,a sense of being on the ground while being in the air.