• Brand & Packaging Development

    Fellowes Brands was expanding beyond office supplies into air purification systems; trouble was, the development of an air purifier line didn’t connect consumers to a 100-year old company that previously focused on shredders and storage boxes. That’s when we stepped in. 

    We reinvented the air purification lineup, looking at rebranding the overall identity and all aspects of consumer interaction.

    First, we talked with consumers, confirming the name AeraMax because of its strong association in focus group testing. Then, we set about to create an identity that implicitly and explicitly said “fresh, clean air.” We also did baseline research to fully understand consumer motivations and found Fellowes needed to overhaul the very way the company talked about and described features, like the air quality sensor. 

    We even redesigned all retail packaging with the new brand identity, using online qualitative research to determine the best foot forward. The result: stronger consumer engagement. And a company that could breathe easy.