• Nordica - Rebrand

    Nordica specializes in making skis and ski boots, providing every skier the performance and comfort they are looking for. Everything they design starts with the understanding that the final product has to perform better, fit more comfortably, and strengthen the skiing experience, more than any other product on the competitive ski market. In the ski world brands often tend to look and feel similar and in this case outdated.

    The challenge with this project was to reposition Nordica as one of the best performing ski brands out there, and stand out from the competition. My main focus was to convey Nordicas unique performance, commitment and technical solutions. I approached it by using a straight-forward type system, technical infographics and dramatic black and white photography of untouched alpine landscapes. The very angular pattern is based on the top part of the symbol, used as a die cut, it gives applications an even more dynamic effect.

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