• FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.
  • FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.
    Technical illustration
    FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. specializes in making sensors of all sizes that measure things like torque, pressure, and physical load. Their load cells, for example, can measure changes in mass as delicate as an ounce, and as enormous as a few tons.

    Their products can be used everywhere — from manufacturing environments for quality assurance, to rural farms for measuring the contents of grain elevators. For each of these applications, they had an illustration showing basically how all the components connected together. All these illustrations were developed by several illustrators (at a variety of skill levels) and looked very different from each other.

    Honest Code developed an illustration system based on an isometric grid, and is in the process of redeveloping all of FUTEK’s existing application diagrams. Utilizing a common visual language to describe products, connections, and callouts, FUTEK’s illustrations are more cohesive, understandable, and on-brand than ever before.

    In addition to the illustrations, Honest Code developed a series of icons describing all the industries where FUTEK products are used. These icons are designed to be easily reproducible across all of FUTEK’s marketing materials worldwide.