TEHN | The Evolution of Here and Now

  • TEHN | The Evolution of Here and Now

    The Evolution of Here and Now (TEHN) is a ten year journey that examines how our relationship, morals, and limits with technology will transform both individually and as a society. Rarely do we take the time to stop and recognize how integral it has become in the structure of our daily lives. Addressing concerns and dilemmas we currently have with future advancements, TEHN creates a moment in time allowing one to reflect upon the past and speculate the future. With more than 300 participants and a little over eight and a half more years until its completion, TEHN was (and still is) quite an undertaking.
  • In order to participate with the piece, one had to first take a wristband with a four digit code. This code acted as a way to track responses in 2016 and how they will compare in 2026. Participants were asked to identify any fears they may have with technology and how far they were personally willing to go in relation to its advancements. 
  • As a final part of the piece, participants could handwrite a letter to themselves which will be mailed back to them ten years. The letter asked to describe one’s current relationship with technology and what they liked and disliked most about it, creating a moment in time to reflect upon the past and think about the future in regards to the transformative role technology plays in their personal lives. Moreover, as technology becomes more prominent in the way we live and communicate, mail might become more scarce. Receiving this tangible document that one wrote and addressed to oneself years prior will hopefully be exciting.
  • In addition to the printed materials, I designed a website (www.tehn-journey.com) that will eventually serve as a way to connect only those who participated entirely with the piece to reflect upon and recognize the transformative role technology had in their life and society. Although ten years is only a fragment in time, my hopes with this piece are that people will begin to analyze more closely their relationship with technology, recognize how its role has transformed over time, and start to figure out where their limits with it exist as it continues to quickly evolve.