Bonafide Garden Tools

  • Farmers and tradesmen do not leave their homes without first donning their Carhartt. It is a symbol of work ethic, durability, and knowledge of craft. In the past fifteen years, the landscape has changed and the definition of American work-life has expanded to include a variety of people and professions. This new diversity is a call for change.
    As an integral part of the American work-life, Carhartt falls short in women’s categories. By introducing Bonafide, a female garden tool line, Carhartt welcomes a new audience with a warm, natural and honest voice. Bonafide is a garden tool line that is ergonomically designed and weighted for women. The design retains the all terrain look and feel of its parent brand, Carhartt, while introducing the appropriate amount of femininity. The interplay of color, photography, and graphic elements depict the change of seasons.
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