Vita, Charged Solutions

  • By the end of 2016, over two billion smart phones will be in use every day. That is one smart phone for every five people in the world. Five million megawatts of energy is needed to charge all the smart phones today. That could power nearly half a million homes for a year. This issue is a social and communal problem that Vita seeks to fix. It uses the only free source of energy, solar energy, to charge your device when placed on a Vita Surface. Vita is about the freedom from being tethered. The wireless power allows your device to self-manage, so you can keep doing what you enjoy.
    Vita is an embedded technology that can be applied to any surface. To make a universal product visible and equitable, the color red is used throughout the brochure. It indicates, instructs, and educates. The overlaying of image, color, and technical line drawing is representative of how Vita is used.
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