Cortona Image Designer Academy (CIDA) Identity

  • Cortona Image Designer Academy
    Brand Identity

    Client. Cortona Image Designer Academy (CIDA), Cortona, Arezzo, Italy. The Academy is not functioning yet, still in development. The founding principle of Cortona Image Designer Academy - CIDA is to establish an innovative environment for training new generations of creative professionals. A school ideally situated in a general campus environment where students can follow high level educational paths that give access to the new professions. Indeed, the establishment in Cortona of an environment for encouraging cultural and ideological exchange between students is one of the value added features of the project. CIDA is a 'new' and innovative school encompassing those skills that relate to the execution, treatment and appraisal of still and moving images. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach CIDA will also provide an ideal space for studying, discussing and developing images. 

    The academy will engender new, innovative professional profiles with expertise in the fields of media, web and digital imaging. A new generation of creative specialists in web documentary, multimedia production, 3D, virtual and heightened reality, digital archiving, e-business and social media.

    CIDA's mission is to offer high quality education levels with a view to becoming an international cultural pole for the research, detailed study and analysis of photographic and visual communications. CIDA will train and prepare a new generation of professionals by examining the requirements, roles and values that images may have in the future, be they photographic, digital or video. 

    Brief. Design brand identity of Cortona Image Designer Academy in a modern and contemporary style, keeping the heritage of the placement site (Fortezza del Girifalco), but not connect it to a spirit of the classic Italian Renaissance.

    Concept. Main aspect of identity is to show diversity of the image (as the main subject of study) through the using of generative logos with usage of the same elements. Also of no small importance it is to show through identity that image is only a frame of the world, and image appears only if we are looking at it from the right angle. For main element of the identity a square has been chosen, as the one of the simplest shapes, which make the base of any art, any image and any design piece.