THE FORGOTTEN WINDOWS / Experimental 3D Type

  • Brief // 
    Design a set of three posters for a hypothetical architectural event. The chosen concept for all 3 posters should be expressed in 3-dimentional type. 

    Objective //
    To meet this need and confront the challenges of ongoing population growth, dwindling natural resources, dehumanizing patterns of development, the loss of unique cultural nuances, and a general lack of interest in beauty. Whereas, if we treasure these forgotten craftsmanship and they, in turn, define us to improve our cultural, psychological and physical well-being. The target audience for these poster series are architecture, interior design student and aspiring architects. Educate current and future practitioners in the precepts and practices of traditional design so they may make positive contributions to humanity.

    Design //
    I chose to design these posters on a lecture series that explores some classic window designs across geographies and millennia that still awe and inspire in Forgotten Windows.
    I chose to use ATF Poster Display for my primary type and Klint for secondary information and body text. I designed the HUED poster first and used it as the base for my color palette for the other two following posters. I wanted to integrate the secondary type with the primary and create contrast with their sizes.

  • Production Inspiration
  • The Process
  • The Posters
  • HUED
    This poster is on Medieval Stained Glass windows, exploring their origin and evolution into the brilliant hues and geometries that adorn the finest cathedrals in the world. 
  • SOFT
    This poster is on Romanesque Clerestory windows, evaluating their placement and construction in the admittance of a soft, diffused light without compromising privacy. 
  • SHOW
    This poster is on Indo-Islamic Latticed windows, focused on their calligraphic molding of light and shade into masterful showpieces of function and form. 
  • This project is created as a part of GR 613 Type Experiments class for Graphic Design Graduate School of Academy of Art University. This project is only for academic and noncommercial display.