• College-Wide Global Awareness Program
    By investigating the global culture of La Roche College and determining the needs of La Roche College students through interviews, I came up with Project Mix. Operating within the Global Engagement Office, Project Mix takes La Roche College’s global culture to the next level by grabbing the attention of students who are not currently involved. It does so by offering more robust global opportunities, such as events and programs and giving Global credits to participants as incentive. Project Mix also advertises opportunities already available through the Global Engagement Office, such as the ESL conversation partners and the Student Ambassador Program.
    The mission of Project Mix is to encourage interaction and friendships between domestic and international students at La Roche and generate cultural awareness.
    Project Mix is promoted via Facebook, on the Project Mix website, through posters on campus, and event flyers that are handed out during orientation each semester. 
    Project Mix takes inspiration from and is based on other college programs designed to bridge the gap between international and American students.
    Students who participate in Project Mix recieve credits towards global classes.
  • Additional Programs Offered by Project Mix
  • Project Mix Website
    This site is used to promote Project Mix and to create a sense of community among student members. Below is the Homepage.
  • Poster Series
    The posters advertise Project Mix, ESL Conversation Partners, the Ambassador Program, and other aspects of Project Mix. The poster language was generated based on La Roche College student interviews.
  • Food Exchange and Social Event
    Based on interview results, students love to bond over food. So, to generate student enthusiasm I planned an event centered around food and socializing. The goal of the event was to create awareness about cultural diversity at La Roche College, and increase the chances of multi-cultural friendships. A survey was handed out to attendees after the event.
    Advertising the Event
    I used the following methods:
    A sign-up table on campus • Spoke to an ESL class • Attended student club meetings • Handed out flyers •
    Emailed flyers to entire student body • Attended an LRX session • Created a Facebook page for Project Mix
    Activities at the Food Exchange
    Food cooked by students and faculty
    World trivia
    Conversation starters
    Conclusions from Post-Survey
    • Event wasn’t promoted well
    • The activities were fun and people would attend another event like it
    • There weren’t many international students
    • The food was great
    • People found they have similar interests
    • Offer opportunities to connect after the event