365 Project (excerpts)

Created: 12/14/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
The first few months after graduating from the graphic design program at Shoreline were, to put it kindly, quiet. I spent a considerable amount of time re-vamping my portfolio book, while occasionally sending out resumes.

Once I finished the portfolio book, I came to the conclusion that I needed to be doing something to keep my newly acquired design skills from growing dull.

Eventually, I hit upon the idea of coming up with a new page layout every day. This would give me the opportunity to experiment in a safe environment, where missteps would not cost anybody (except me, of course) time or money.

For the first month, I experimented with page sizes and formats. After that, I stuck with a 7-inch by 9-inch format, giving myself a new set of rules/parameters/restrictions each month.

The results were part design journal, part visual diary, part WTF?!

Here is a small selection…
  • (Apologies to Elvis Costello and the late Barney Bubbles.)

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