Motor Football Club

  • Motor Football Club
  • History Club begins in the distant 1953 and it is connected with the Kazan plant KMPO. Back in the 40s at the plant was the football field, where the work was carried out after the game between the shop floor teams. After the discovery in 1952 of a football field for the first football team of the Leningrad plant has been collected outside, it is included in the Championship among production teams.
    The team soon became the leader of the city, second only to "Iskra" (now "Rubin") aircraft manufacturing plant.
    In 1958, the championship was held in Kazan 6 - children's age groups. In the same year the club opens football section, where children have to deal with. In the 60 th years, the team is one of the leading children's teams in the city.
    Special club achieved success at the senior coach Vladimir Ganin Team SC them. Uritskogo gets in the club championship medalist Kazan.
    During the period of the section here we were brought up players who played in all leagues of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.

    Today FC "Motor" honorably defended the colors of Aviation Industry of Kazan and Tatarstan. Motor - is a complete, highly organized and disciplined team, a single machine, ready to reach any goals.
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