C2 Montreal

  • A conference that’s reinventing how we network.
  • We were commissioned by C2MTL to develop their new corporate identity and redefine the brand’s pillars to put them on solid footing for years to come. C2MTL is a three-day international event that combines commerce and creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts in business. C2MTL was enjoying unprecedented growth, having more than doubled in three years, but its existing brand identity was complex and difficult to cascade across different media platforms. To address the problem, the client wanted a simplified logo and a rigid, rule-based graphic standard to bring a more mature, streamlined and consistent quality to C2MTL. We designed a new logo that worked as a single piece or as independent components on a grid system. The adjustable design shows the two main letters—C2—as a constant feature. 

    Note: This project was carried out by our team at 26 Lettres.
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