Genty cosmetics

  • Genty cosmetics
  • The company provides a dominating share of the domestic component by its own production.
    Features of the company:
    - Production in Russia
    - The compositions are created with the participation of French perfumers
    - Since 1998,
    - Mass Market
    - Deposited at Letual and other perfume stores
    All perfumes and cosmetics are manufactured in strict accordance with international and Russian standards. 
    Only original fragrances designed by leading French perfumers. Today, perfumes under the brand name Genty occupy a leading position on the Russian market. In addition to perfumes produced under its own brand, Genty, the company represents more than 50 leading perfume and cosmetic brands in the Russian market. We act as the exclusive distributor of famous perfumes and cosmetics brands: LANVIN, BURBERRY, TRUSSARDI, and others.

    This sign is a connection of letters «G» and «P» in the form of a leaf. The "leaf" symbol is an association with freshness; leaf feeds the flower, and the flower is the basis for most flavors. When you sees the leaf, it associates with such words as:  freshness, fragrance, smell of flowers. In short, leaf plays an important role in a flower. The whole meaning and idea is displayed in the sign.
  • This sign I have received as a result of connections letter «G» and «P» until the sign has not turned out, who recalled the "leaf". After the "leaf" symbol seen an association with freshness, as the sheet feeds flower, and the flower is the basis for most flavors. When one sees the list, it appears Association with such words as: freshness, fragrance, fragrance of flowers. Well, the list plays an important role in the life of Flower (Plants).
    The whole meaning and character displayed in the sign.
  • Art direction and design: Radmir Volk
    Project Type: Branding, Packaging

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