A Walk Down Memory Game

  • Year: 2016
    Title: "A Walk Down Memory Game"
    Client: Personal Project 

    This was one of the projects that gave me more pleasure while doing it, it brought me so many good memories, each controller/console reminds  me of a different person, a different relative, a different friend in a different phase of my life, and even though I have not seen some of these friends for years, I still cherish all of those recollections.
    I only made the controllers/consoles that I had, the ones that lend me, or those that I spent hours playing on my friend’s homes back in the days. ( “The time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted”, right ?)
    As you may have noticed, there are style variations, some of them are minimalistic while others are more “realistic” (older VS newer).
    It was great to be born in the 80’s and to be a kid in the 90’s, (or being a Millennial - Generation Y) right in the middle of the tech evolution, all those movies and cartoons, music, video games, graffiti and artworks (some of them so cheesy but still priceless) are most likely the reason that I have become a designer & illustrator.
    Hope you guys enjoy it
    Thank you Sis, Dado, Ivo, Nuno, Carlos, Pedro, Joel, David, Bárbara, João, Sandra, for all the Good Times !
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