Vodopivec - Brand Identity and Packaging - GO 200/002

  • Vodopivec Wine 
    Brand Identity and Packaging

    Vitovska is the queen of the Carso. It reigns over the land - rocky vineyards and red earth that the hand of man cultivates respectful, driven by a deep love of nature. For every hectare of land , at an average altitude of 260 meters above the sea, there are 10,500 plants of native grape grown sapling , so they preserve by the bora wind whipping the landscape. 
    Each plant gives 500 grams of grapes, harvested by hand using boxes during the harvest . 
    Stemmed and crushed , the grapes ferment and macerate without temperature control and without any addition of yeast , but with different daily punching down, before being placed in the traditional press. The vinification is natural : no use of some physico-chemical stabilizer, there are no additions of enzymes or additives. The wine is bottled without filtration.

  • Creative Agency → Graphic opera
    client Paolo Vodopivec
    art direction
     Ettore Concetti
     Ettore Concetti and Leonardo Lenchig