William Pacholski Brand Identity

    William Pacholski is a psychic who believes in it’s transformative power. As a psychic, he creates space and transforms reality through a variety of classes and workshops.
    We were brought in to re-design his identity and capture his vision of transform reality + creating space. Inspired from constellations, we used expressive typography with diligent formations, tied together with angular lines to give it openness. The result was a stunning wordmark that is both visually recognizable and reflective of his vision. We paired his mark with a selection of gradient color palettes that portray a range of energies both strong and light.
    Custom 3D Modeling + Animation Render
    Visual Identity
    Web Design
    Print Design
    3D Animation + Modeling
    3D Modeling + Animation _ Myles Hundley
    Logo Animation _ Peter Hongisto