Be Curate Project - Design Guide

  • Visual Identity Design and Philosophy - 
  • The Be Curate visual identity element above was intially created without any philosophical corellation to the actual objective of the website and application project. At the time, the design was at best random with respect to the complete project. Yet, the visual identity was cosnidered final throughout any further work to push the project forward. As the project continued to grow in detail, the visual identity became easier to associate with the underlining objective of the site which is to create a channel that will not only stir interest in creative work on Behance, but moreso allow for artists lost in numbers (lost in numbers implying lost to the sheer number of projects posted to the nework) to reach a public that will in fact find value and even better inspiration in their work.
    The correlation comes about in the newly applied Be Curate slogan, "Find the dark horse in the contemporary arts."
    The visual identity was pieced together using Adobe Illustrator. The elements were either derived from vector clipart appropriately licensed for this project or through a custom creative process. 
  • Site Design Preliminaries
  • The above graphic is an informal sketch of the website landing page and in a more general sense website template.
  • Design Guide Preliminaries