Stolen. Volume Four

  • Stolen is a bi-annual publication I created in 2013 which supports analogue artists and their art. A celebration of all things hand-made, Stolen has collectively published over 250 artists from across 40 countries in four 120-page hardcover volumes, with a limited print run of 1,000. 

    As it entered a global market with 80 stockists worldwide, a three-quarter sleeve was developed with fluorescent duplexed paper, all-over deboss and black print, to allow for users in-store the chance to look through the book while retailers could keep the product protected. 

    Volume Four featured New Zealand artist – Maku – and her geometric skull art, which I deconstructed and enhanced using print techniques such as a dual-pass offset white and fluorescent, overlaid with an intricate rose gold foil on the front and back, and finished on black uncoated 3mm board.