Vlastenecký výber

    Vlastenecký výber 1–2016
    Ritual is a wine company deals with two projects. First one is focused on distributing wine mostly from South America and Italy to Slovakia, other is to keep and support domestic wine culture called Vlastenecký výber.
    Vlastnecký výber (Patriot selection) is dedicated to hand picked best six Slovak wines from local wineries. First edition comes from south-west area of Slovakia.

    Symbol depicts initials of VV, and is inspired by crossed wine cuttings. Symbol is ink illustrated as well as all the other designs used on the packaging. Main idea comes out of Slovak public figures quotes and Slovak folk proverbs illustrated in Fractur calligraphy. All in clear and minimalist style beacause of Fractur‘s tend to feel a little bit heavy. Much white space between lines, elegant hand drawn stylized wooden pattern on the side of the box that floats with easiness around the corners completes natural feeling. Gentle splutters made by tooth brush and our fingerprints was added to make the packaging even more organic. 

    Stickers are printed on structured paper and contain basic informations about package, including brand, species and year of wines inside. Ritual calligraphic wordmark is debossed with silver chrome foil.
    Package contains a special information list inside, printed on the same paper which is used on packaging and includes complete technical specification and few words about origin of each wine in the package.
    Vlastenecký výber is very limited, only 120 personalized packages are available and every piece has its own number.

    Paper laminated on packaging: Munken Lynx Rough 170 gsm
    Paper used on document: Munken Lynx Rough 150 gsm
    Silver Chrome foil debossing

    Photography: Filip Sedláček
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