Connie Reeve: Reeve Resolutions

  • Wrapping up 2015, I had the pleasure of launching a website for Connie Reeve and her new mediation business, Reeve Resolutions. Connie Reeve is a prominent Toronto lawyer, moving away from law practice into the delicate work of mediation. We used some of her beautiful photographs from a recent trip to Iceland as a complement to the tone of calm we wanted to convey. I also designed business cards and stationery for Connie, using a simple symbol of conflict resolution: two circles with competing interests will find resolution focusing in the area of common ground, where the two circles intersect. The skilled mediator works to find that ground so that both sides are satisfied with the outcome, a great alternative to the winner / loser frame of an adversarial competition before the courts. 
    The website is responsive, of course, which means it resizes to a standard range of screen sizes. I like the lateral setup on a wider screen very much, breaking a little from the constant vertical-scrolling orientation of the web. It's nice to spread out a little. On a narrow screen the layout is forced to vertical, and it will work just as well.