• “Chef” Title Sequence
    This title sequence piece is inspired by the movie “Chef” directed by Jon Favreau. The goal and challenge are not only about using animation to tell an upbeat visual story of the film but also taking advantage of design elements to create a smooth movements guiding audience to merge into the music and the animation.  
    This motion graphics work is designed for the class “Motion Graphic 1” in 2016 spring. Students need to pick a movie, create a relative visual style of the film and make it into a motion graphic title sequence.
    「五星主廚快餐車」 電影片頭動畫
  • Music_Chef Soundtrack #11. Rebirth Brass Band - Bustin' Loose OST BSO
    Illustration_Alex Chen
    Category _ Motion Graphic, Illustration, Animation
    Dimensions _ 1280*720 px
    Type Credit _ Dalton Maag