CarrieMe Gift

  • 以旅行概念為品牌訴求,藉由凱麗米女孩形象氣氛與情緒轉換表現產品的功能與故事性。此系列以巴黎為背景故事,從旅行中所產生的心情與期待而命名,因此所產生的情緒去設計6種不同的視覺符號結合馬卡龍色系、巴黎雨都印象、艾菲爾鐵塔呈現法國浪漫及區分產品功效,營造清新脫俗的輕活感。幸福時光禮盒,延續品牌定位“旅行“。運用旅行記憶的味道為概念,讓每一趟旅行中所使用的產品成為獨特的記憶,由香氛紀錄旅程的回憶。巧妙的運用郵筒的特性,將旅行保養隨身包與明信片的概念融為一體,從旅行保養機能盒下方抽取旅行保養隨身包,將這份旅行的記憶塗抹在肌膚上,將未使用完的隨身包插在郵筒上方,讓隨身包與郵筒巧妙結合,解決隨身包無法放置的問題,最後以凱麗米形象女孩借由明信片傳遞一份女孩期待旅行的心情,將旅行與明信片及郵筒三者關係緊密結合在一起與消費者形成互動。

    CarrieMe Skin Care. Your Unique Traveling Memory
    Derived from the concept of travel beauty, CarrieMe, an evocative Girl image describes the product features and stories. The names of the CarrieMe skin care products in this series come from girls-generated traveling story in Paris. Thus, six different visual symbol combined with the colors of the French dessert Macaroon, the impression of the rain in Paris and the Eiffel Tower are designed for packing different products to evoke the romance in the air of Paris. 
    A memory like no other. The scent of the travels. The Happy-times gift extends the brand positioning of "travel". It stems from a memory by using products in every trip for making a unique scent of the travels. Using cleverly of the characteristics of the mailbox, the concept of postcard informs the maintenance portable package of traveling. Extract the travel maintenance portable-package from the bottom of the travel maintenance function box, then apply it on the skin and insert the unused portable-package in the top of the mailbox. Due to the combination of portable-package and mailbox, it solves the placement problem of the portable-package. Finally, the postcard connecting the Girl image of CarrieMe, it delivers the emotion of the girl's traveling expectation. A truly inspired and distinctive creation links the art of travel, postcard, and mailbox closely to interactive with the customers.