• An eight-week challenge for employees of Lincoln Financial, focused on improving overall health and well-being, not just physical fitness. Each week individuals selected goals from three categories: exercise, nutrition, and mind and body.
  • Using the existing typography and (runner) icon to ensure consistency with this ongoing program, I expanded on the theme using new icons, colors, and treatments. Since the challenge goal categories were exercise, nutrition, and mind and body, I felt the exisitng typography and icon didn't tell the whole story. I added a plant / vegetabel leaf for 'nutrition', and an icon of someone meditating for 'mind and body'. I also enclosed the branding in an oval so that it became a 'stamp', which could be used on a number of materials.
    In the masthead at the top of the site I used a 'piece' of the main banner image with the appropriate icon 'screened' over it. The mastheads and banners would display with it's counterpart on the site at the same time. This gave an opportuity to switch-up the messaging and look when wanted or needed.
  • In the banner image that scrolled below, I used the full image with the new Fit 4 Fun branding, which was meant to be a 'stamp' that could be used in other places as well.
  • Below is a screenshot of the site with graphics in place.  This picture and color variant was the first iteration on image and color combinations.