34th Annual Conference on Neighborhood Concerns

  • For the creation of the Neighborhoods USA conference book and promotional materials, I collaborated with two designer colleagues, the NUSA 2012 Indianapolis conference coordinator, Communities Building Community, Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center (INRC), and Faulkenberg Printing Co.
    Conceptually, we wanted the materials to aesthetically communicate the liveliness, youthfulness, and celebration of the Indianapolis community. Through visual development meetings with the conference coordinator and her assistant, we created a branding system that was implemented through the bag, t-shirts, and NUSA conference book. My colleagues and I communicated with the vendor for the shirts and bags, as well as the book and received quotes to pass along to the coordinator. With mock-ups to present at meetings, we were able to work with the coordinator to make sure all workshops were addressed and that nothing was overlooked. The printing of the book was done offset, and we worked with the printer to make sure all files were correct for production. 

    Printed book: 4c/4c, 50 pages, plus cover
    Printed bags and shirts: 1c
    Worked with a local promotional materials business to order shirts and bags
  • Collaborating and getting feedback from others in the professional class
  • To make sure that people had maps, could look up the conference schedule, Indianapolis events, and transportation and amenities, we created a mobile friendly website that allowed attendees easy access to all information conatined in their book.
  • The conference bag (left), book, and event t-shirts
  • These t-shirts were sold at the NUSA conference
  • Working with a local printer, we were able to go in and view the whole process of printing the book
  • T-shirts for the volunteers of the conference