Alessandro Minestrini

  • Alessandro Minestrini
    Alessandro Minestrini is a freelance video maker who works mainly between Umbria and Rome, dedicated to making videos for different sectors: business, culture, weddings etc..

    He asked us for a clean and elegant identity, that would express their professionalism and attention to details.
    The logo need to be used in his videos and photos, in a discrete but recognisable way.

    We created a logo that sums up both the name and the work done by the client, playing with the same symbol that once is an A (Alessandro) and once reflected is the V (Video maker).
    The two version of the monogram can be used on the photos in both positive and negative, while the animated version is perfect for video. We also created three different patterns, one with the two versions of the alternating monogram, the other two using parts of the logotype.
    Full project here