Luigi Appolloni identity

  • Luigi Appolloni identity and web site
    Appolloni is a company that operates in air conditioning systems, that pays great attention to environmental sustainability. It was therefore very important to translate this aspect visually.
    We were asked to give the company a fresh, clean and reliable image. We started the preliminary phase with these values in mind, searching concise visual elements acting to communicate those values.

    We designed a monogram that incorporates the initials of Luigi Apolloni resulting in an uppercase A-like symbol.
    The color has great importance in this project. Green and blue, both of Pantone neon palette,were used together with the large portions of white space that emphasize brightness.
    The result is an identity with a corporate/institutional feel, that thanks to the bright colors is fresh and immediate.
    Green and blue communicate reliability and trust characterizing the company for its green vision, but at the same time thanks to the brightness of neon shades will also highlight values such as modernity, constant research and friendly approach.

    See full project here