Young Lords - Bring the War Home - 2016

  • We took part in a group show called Bring the War Home.
    The exhibition curated by Pentagram designer Alex Brown, was held at the KK Outlet in London (11—29th February, 2016).

    Our poster:
    the letters Y and L reveal a gun shape.
  • Bring the War Home is a non profit typographic poster exhibition featuring 25 A1 prints on the theme of dissident movements by graphic design studios. It is a celebration of the visual culture of counter cultural movements, not of their ideologies.

    2 June Movement - Fons Hickman M23
    Action Directe - Model
    Black Panthers - Lamm & Kirch
    Brigate Rosse - Nick Blakeman
    Cellules Communistes Combattantes - Ben Bostock
    Frestonia - Built
    I Wor Kuen - Alex J. Brown
    King Mob - vvorks
    Kommune 1 - Moire
    Potere Operaio - It’s Okay
    Provo - Experimental Jetset
    Red Army Faction - L2M3
    Revolutionare Zellen - Catalogue
    Rote Zora - Jon Blang
    SDS - Craig Oldham
    Situationist International - Thonik
    Sponti - Triboro
    Symbionist Liberation Army - Kia Tashbigou
    Thames Valley Anarchists - MuirMcNeil
    The Angry Brigade - Jan & Randoald
    The Diggers - Cyan
    The Yippies - Neubau
    Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers - Bureau Mirko Borsche
    Weather Underground - Oliver Long
    Young Lords - Artiva