The Dark Side of the Plexi | Fashion Labeling Diary'16

  • Sometimes need more than a foil
  • ...
    Plexi of course! ^^

    Ok i see! It smells very bad during laser cutting, but it's so bright and strong material!
    The system is so simple. Cut, cut, cut and put it in. ^^
    So, this product was made from a total of ten thousand units of production.
    And i designed fashion labeling diary and calendar 2016 for Rebil Design. 
    Rebil Design Etiket Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Company with its located area of the heart of Istanbul,
    has been running business since 1992. More than 20 years long, Rebil Design is one of the leading companies
    in this sector and is growing advisedly which makes Rebil Design stronger and more successful.

    The aim of the company is to supply all sorts of textile and garment labels operating fast, high quality and modern service. The experience that has been earned for a long time period is one of the key points that affects the company's achievements. Some qualifications such as being up-to-date, following latest trends, being hospitable to new ideas and projects; bearing great ambition, honesty, discipline and quick service facilities enable Rebil Design to be different from the others.

    Regarding these principles that Rebil Design adopted, it is not a coincidence to be chosen by highly respectable brand names both in Turkey and the WorldWide.
  • The purpose of this design that clearly offers the depth can generate power of plexi. 
    A, B and O space of the letters, which were added to the rear deepened with black cardboard.
  • Instead of blank pages, added new collection the photos of the labels...
    They was the same ecru color print on special papers.
  • So i needed a special bookmark! It was the best solution is woven bookmark with creative motto! 
    When the frequency of yarn density is kept high resolution looks good.
    Also it provided a balance between matte and glossy.
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