DADA Hairstyle Salon

  • DADA hairstyle salon

    DADA is a new hairstyle salon located in the city of Terni, formed by two hairstylists who have decided to combine their respective businesses by creating a new one.
    They asked us to design the new identity. They decided to call the salon DADA, the initials of their names (Daniele / David resulting in DADA) to emphasize the idea of fusion. 

    We were asked to produce a "strong and elegant" visual identity attractive for both, female and male clients. 
    From the beginning we shared with the clients the intention that the identity had to be typographic, simple and elegant with a strong but attractive flavor.

    The logotype we designed is bold and geometric, everything is designed with high-contrast in mind : black and white, generous negative spaces, bold text contrasting with ultralight weights, geometric but at the same time sinuous shapes.

    The result is a brand that does not go unnoticed, dynamic and ambitious, that reflects the values ​​and the aesthetic taste of the two hairstylists .

    See full project here