Paula et Peter

  • Paula & Peter

    Wedding monogram depicts initials PPM and was created for my good friends Paula and Peter, who wanted to avoid all classic and traditional approach in wedding monograms, and suggested something modern, lively and visualy strong. Three designs was submitted, symbol with heart inside made the cut.
    Monogram can be used not only for wedding purposes, but as well as family symbol, coat of arms. Wedding invitations are designed in simple style with much white space around, made up with rainbow foil debossing to evoke a little bit of playfulness in contrast of Garamond typeface. Handcutted wooden monogram got high gloss white finish for innocent and festive feeling. ​​​​​​​

    Paper: Munken Lynx 350 gsm
    Dimensions: 90 x 145 mm
    Diffraction foil debossing
    Digital print

    Photography: Filip Sedláček

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