• Thera Redesign 2017
    Thera is McKesson's Advanced Skin Care line that offers an array of products for our patients to help soothe, protect, moisturize, prevent, and cleanse. With the addition on the icons, patients and caretakers can now clearly see what our products offer at a glance.
  • McKesson Baby
    McKesson Baby was a line we added of baby, toddler, and youth diapers, as well as baby wipes. This design is also featured on the baby diapers and was designed with both parents and kids in mind. 

  • McKesson Kids Bandage Packaging
    Updated the look of McKesson Kid Bandage Packaging, and I am currently updating the individual bandages for fresh, fun, and kid-friendly designs!
  • Prevent Rebrand 2014
    Updated Prevent Brand from legacy PSS (left) to McKesson (right).