Lettering for christmas card

  • Something extra for my clients
    I always strive to go the extra mile for my clients, so this year I decided to print christmas cards and send to them. In this digital age we live in there is a special feeling to get something physical in your hand. Nothing beats the smell and feel of a real print. Actually, christmas is my favorite time of year!
    The design started out with some rough sketches to find the overall look and layout. After refining I imported the pencil sketch and re-draw it in Adobe Illustrator. To my vector file I also added shadows and highlights to give the text a 3D effect. Finally I took the design into Adobe Photoshop to add final touches, background and snow to get that holiday feeling. To add even more 3D-feeling the printing house, CA Andersson, added a dimential-effect. Overall I am very happy with the result and have gotten many positive reactions from my customers. Thank you all for the great collaborations in 2015!
  • Above. The pencil sketch.
  • Above. The final christmas card design. 
  • Above. Close-up of the final design.
  • Above. Close-up of the final design.
  • Above. The printed version. 

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