Acribia — branding

    Acribia is a Middle East distributor and service provider of high quality precision tools —  
    The Brief was to create a strong, memorable brand. And to stand out among other competitors in the world to be able to support the whole marketing plan of the new brand. Acribia personality was a challenge, the icon has been crafted in a simple way to make it easy for the customers to keep it from the first time. Also it has been made with a german spirit from where all the machines would come from. The brand personality is bold, strong and serious to serve the fact that the brand is for distributor of heavy industrial machinery. 
    I choosed the black which represents power, Independency, strength and seriousness -
    in contrast with the white which is the color of perfection, wholeness, completion and growth. 
    2015 — 2016
    Brand collaterals & applications

    The brand collaterals was made to brilliantly match the personality.
    For instanse the logo on business card has been cutted in the middle of it, 
    as if it's done by one of Acribia's high precision cutting tools.

  • Digital (website)