• In my spare time I like drawing different freaky characters – it’s good for my karma. Once my sleepy wandering mind created a strange looking guy with whom I totally fell in love. It was a character living underground, wearing a carrot hat that helps him to attract the attention of rabbits… and don’t ask me what he does with the poor fellows after he catches them and about his favorite dish with them. Though from the concept it was a underground creature I didn’t want to make it some black-grey mole guy. Also even though it’s an extremely evil character (look at the teeth, or better at the tie – good guys don’t wear ties) I didn’t want it to look totally disgusting, but somehow kind of sweet and lovely.

    Daily selection award on itsartmag.com, 3DTotal Excellence Award on 3dtotal.com, daily deviation award on deviantart.com, publication in the Render out magazine. Read the making of on 3dtotal.com

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