PACKAGING: Pando Coffee Cup

    Coffee Cup Design

    What better way to start your day than with inspirational messaging and of course...Coffee! The product is made from recycled materials and comes in many different sizes that local coffee shops can order. The challenge was to create an attractive design that would speak to a wide audience and stand out from all the other generic cup designs that have flooded the market. For more information visit:
  • Below are some other designs I did for the project.

    This first set is called the "Wood Series." It is based on the company name, Pando. The root system of the Pando tree (at an estimated 80,000 years old) is among the oldest known living organisms. The Pando Tree has bark that is white with black horizontal lines similar to an Aspen tree.
  • The second series is called "The Birds." This concept was to inspire inner peace and self reflection. Perfect to start your day.
  • Thanks for your time and interest in my work. Cheers!