Panificadora | Branding

  • Project to envision the rehabilitation of Panificadora by Vigo Council
    When we were 18 we saved
    an old bread factory from demolition



    The building was declared well of cultural
    interest in 2011 but is still ruined

  • Panificadora is an old bread factory based in one of the main streets of Vigo, Spain, despite being in ruins for over 20 years, it is still considered the most important architectural legacy in the city.
    When we were 18, the building was meant to be demolished to construct a new neighbourhood of luxury flats, so, inspired by the rehabilitation of TATE Modern in London and Matadero in Madrid, we decided to stop the demolition and to promote the creation of a space for culture and arts in our hometown. Our campaign, Salvemos a Panificadora (Save the Bread Factory), collected around 5,000 signatures from citizens around the world and pushed the mayor to protect the building. It was declared ‘well of cultural interest’ in 2011. 

    The building, made mainly of concrete, is a clear example of brutalism architecture. Founded in 1924, it was mainly based on the production of bread and was opened till 1980, the inspiration for our brand was the shape of the silos and the original typeface found at the entrance of the building which we digitalised and modernised.

    This is a project imagining the branding of the museum as if Panificadora would have become a centre for arts, culture and youth, we do hope that one day, it will finally have the place it deserves in the city. 

  • NEWS!

    After launching this branding project, Vigo Council committed to saving the building and has launched a contest to architects worldwide to create a project of rehabilitation of the building. The winner is a project by architects Jorge Salgado and Celso López that will be constructed in the next years, we will keep you updated!


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