Saint Leone Brand & Identity

  • T H E  S T U D I O:
    Brand and  Visual Identity for Saint Leone,
    a design studio founded by a proud Sierra Leonean creative
    and inspired by her West African heritage.

    As a child, my parents told me one of many stories
    of how our country’s name came to be.
    Stories of how a Portuguese explorer arrived upon its shores
    met by thunderous storms over the mountainous peninsula
    which sounded like the roar of a lion.
    It was through this connection that the name Serra Leoa,
    Portuguese for Lion Mountains, arose.
    A name that was gradually adapted and misspelled to its current name, Sierra Leone.
    Saint Leone draws inspiration from this name.  
  • T H E  L O G O:
    The Saint and the Lion.
    Though the logo draws obvious inspiration from Versace's,
    it is not the sole source. 
    A lioness sculpture was depicted to honor
    the original feminine connotation of Leoa which Leone draws its name from,
    as well as the founders affinity with the strength of womanhood. 
    The background pattern mimicked a medieval halo
    often used in paintings to signify sainthood and divinity
    to truly portray the lioness as a saint.
  • T H E  H A L O:
    To develop the lioness' halo, the founder's roots
    as a West African Muslim were further explored.
    The prevalence of the religious context of the brand offered
    the perfect opportunity to delve into this connection.
    Through researching Islamic Geometric Patterns
    (a centuries old Islamic decorative technique which avoids
    figurative imagery in favor of repeated and interlacing shapes)
    a myriad of designs were tested until one was chosen.
  • T H E  T Y P E F A C E:
    The Leoa serif typeface, based on the logo,
    was developed and customized for the Saint Leone brand.
    © 2016 Sab Sesay