Step Up to Fitness

  • Background: The fitness industry is rapidly expanding as more and more consumers realize the long-term benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. It also represents a great opportunity for investors, particularly those looking to open gyms or other workout facilities.
    Although the number of Americans regularly attending gyms over the past several years has increased, there is still a large proportion of consumers who choose not to workout or who have tried, but cannot establish a fitness routine. In 2012, it was estimated that "80% of consumers who joined a gym in January, quit only 5 months later."
    Solution: Step Up to Fitness. Collateral targeted to potential investors interested in the fitness industry. The booklet outlines demographic information of gym-goers, most popular equipment, etc. While the three brochures are an example of the type of collateral that investors can provide to gym-goers or new members to encourage them to get into a fitness routine. Each brochure represents a "step" in the process of establishing a fitness routine. 
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